Blackjack Tips – Your Best Chance to Beat the House With These Useful Tips


Playing blackjack in a casino may be fun, however it’s more enjoyable when you win. Using your handy collection of blackjack hints you’ll be able to maximise your chances of coming away successful. This list is a guide to a number of the strategies and advice written by some professional blackjack players to supplement the most simple blackjack strategy.

1) Set loss limits and win aims.

2)  di Always keep your emotions in check.

3) It is obviously to your advantage to play a casino game that offers the fewest decks. The house edge goes up substantially once you go from one deck to two, however the change is less dramatic as you add more decks.

4) Look for the next combination of guidelines, these will act on your favor:

6) Always split 2’s or 3’s against a 5, 5, or 6.

7) Always split up 7’s against a dealer’s card of equal or lower value.

9) If the dealer has a 10, hit and soon you have 17 or high.

11) Never take insurance unless you are counting cards.

12) If other players at the desk are upsetting you with their playing strategies, move on.

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